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I notice that I haven't updated my journal since Kat moved out in 2014. But hey, better late than never and, of course, this is now on Dreamwidth, because like just about everyone else, I'm not signing up to that pile of dingo's kidneys that is the LiveJournal user agreement.

I wonder who else is here?

More stuff

Jun. 6th, 2014 05:53 pm
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So here we are 4 weeks from the op, and I've driven the car for the first time today. It was very liberating, if a little knackering.

In the time I have been off 'resting' I have made some selections from the Grade 8 singing syllabus by listening to all the lists on iTunes, knitted a waistcoat for my Mum and a pair of gloves for Kat. I have rediscovered the guitar and practised the recorder. I've re-organised my songbook and started an event-specific one for Empire. And produced a set of LARP fortune telling cards. Oh and cut out and partially sewn a wedding dress and a load of lace appliques. And I've read a huge quantity of books.

I start work again on the 12th working from home - probably just as well.

What did I not get about 'resting', I wonder?
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As has been previously said, I don't update this thing very often, but I do use it to keep track of life-changing events, so here goes.

I had the hernia repaired on Wednesday May 7th. There is a good deal I could tell you but most of it would be TMI. It wasn't the keyhole job we'd hoped for so it'll take longer to recover from but I'm already glad I made the decision to get it done.

It's sore - no doubt about that, but I've had some expert guidance on pain relief so I'm coping well.

Dave and Kat have been marvellous and I'm in very good hands.

More stuff

Jul. 10th, 2013 12:51 pm
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The recorder group I play with is giving a concert this Saturday (13th) morning at 11:00am in aid of Indigo (who support people who self-harm).

In addition to the recorder playing, I am singing a couple of classical pieces to break it up a bit. The concert last an hour and is free (although you'll be asked for a donation).

Its at St Peter's Church in Filton and should be rather good!

Ah well...

Jun. 27th, 2012 06:12 am
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This is to let you all know that Roger (Kat's Dad) passed on this morning at around 4:40. I realise for some of you this will be a grave shock and I can only offer you my sympathy. We will let people know details of the funeral as soon as we ourselves know them. I must also ask, though, that you treat Kat kindly and gently and with compassion.
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Some of you will know that we have been working very, very hard on a album, funded through PledgeMusic. We've called the thing 'Peace Through Superior Firepower' and we launch on the 22nd April at the Tunnels in Bristol. We have cheap tickets (£10) if anyone wants one.

Tonight we will be previewing the album on the bcfm.org.uk Rock Show tonight at 2200 (BST) - also on 93.2FM in the Bristol UK area.

When we have finished the radio show, the album will be made available for download to all our pledgers as a huge thank you. We couldn't have done it without them.

To be honest I believe that this is our best work to date and I am enormously proud of it. I think this is the album I always wanted to make. I've enjoyed it enormously - although it's been tremendously hard work and I hope that people like it as much as I do.
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Here you go then... the charity single has been released. Please go and buy it!

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I am taking part in a Sponsored Sing on Saturday 22nd of October. The choir I sing with (The St George Singers) nominate a charity every year and this year we are supporting Julian House, who care for the homeless in the Bath and Bristol area.


On Saturday we will be singing at Holy Trinity, Kingswood from 10:00 - 14:00 - which is no mean feat - and we will be wor...king our way through 'Hymns Ancient and Modern' in aid of our chosen charity. If there is a particular hymn you would like us to sing for you or a loved one, please let me know.

If you are so inclined you could Paypal me a donation to su AT magehome DOT com or, if you can catch me you can give me your donation personally. Obviously please let me know in advance so that I can add you to my sponsor form.

It's a very worthy cause and I hope I can count on your support.
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This weekend has been a delight. Mr W took his brand new LARP system to the Foreign Fields kit fair and I took my lace jewellery and a couple of hats to see if I could make something towards the cost of the stall. I printed a price list and order forms and used the cake stand from our wedding as a display stand and I'm still reeling because I more than covered our costs and I had a huge amount of interest from groups who want work done.

I couldn't believe that my stuff was so popular - so many people asked if I had a website where they could buy stuff and one of the other stall holders has suggested a couple of other events I might want to sell at.

So I guess I'd better try and get a web site together and a facebook group and see where I can take it.

Of couse I'll have to find a name for the project which is proving tricky but it'll come.

As for the rest of the fair. Mr W had a huge amount of interest, the stall looked amazing and I had a couple of 'blasts from the past' one of which left me quite delighted and one which left me feeling utterly vindicated. Ghosts well and truely laid!

In addition we spent a good part of the weekend rolling about laughing which is always a bonus. We are so blessed in our friends.
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Today is a sad day. A woman I admired tremendously has passed on and I shall miss her. She welcomed me into her family and continued to always make me welcome no matter what. She was Kat's grandmother and my friend.
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OK Guys

The choir I sing with are doing a sponsored sing on the 23rd - and let me tell you that singing for 4 hours is no mean feat. I know this sort of thing is usually for the more athletic (cycling and swimming and so on) but it's really time for the Arts to get a look in.

So I'd like you lot to sponsor me. It's for a really, really good cause - The Gastro-oesophageal support and help group, who help people with what is a particularly nasty group of cancers.

Ah ha, I hear you cry, but how shall we pay you? Well I'd like you to Paypal your donation to me on suw AT magehome DOT com. Please label your donation 'sponsored sing'. Any donation would be very welcome.

The more you pay me, the longer I'll sing with the choir for - up to a maximum of 4 hours.

And just to make it really easy for you.... here's a link


Many, many thanks is advance.

Much love and blessings,

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I have discovered Robert Rankin. Why this has taken so long I have no idea - but I picked up a copy of 'Retromancer' in Forbidden Planet because it looked interesting - and it's a real treat.

J-HR meets Michael Moorcock on a totally surreal adventure with Douglas Adams. Brill.

I shall need to read some more.
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The wedding dress that I am constructing proceeds apace and will be rather wonderful when I have done. I guess I'll be able to post piccies once the wedding is over but until then it's all very hush-hush.

I have also learned how to draw a 'croqui' - something I should have learned ages ago

ION - I'm starting to reduce the dose of anti-depressants. The Doc is delighted with me and I'm pretty delighted with myself. Looks like this thing could be beaten after all.

Other than that I'm very content. This is probably why posts are so infrequent - perhaps I no longer have things to get off my chest!

Although my ex-MIL is in Frenchay hospital and is very poorly. She's 84. I'm going over periodically to do her hair and make inane conversation but she seems pleased to see me. I shall take a copy of The Woman's Own when I next go in a read her the short story and the rude letters in the back. She'll like that. I've called this woman 'Mum' for 31 years and now all that's left is a smile.
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IMG_0001, originally uploaded by Su W.

I finally got round to using all the jade fish. I combined them with pearls, crystals and weird bits of stuff. Very chuffed with the result.

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So where are we then?

We had a week's holiday from work across our anniversary - which was really special. We mostly stayed home but it was nice to be together.

The car passed it's MOT with flying colours which was a bonus. We wrote music, we gardened, we had a day at the seaside, we mucked about in town - all in all it was a very relaxing break. We visited our tree on our anniversary - it's now around 8ft tall!

Yesterday I filled in for the usual girl who sings when our recorder group play. So as well as playing bass I also sang. For the record I sang The Spirit's Song by Haydn, the recitative and aria Awake Saturnia/Hence Iris Hence from Handel's Semele, The Seguedilla from Carmen, Voi Che Sapete from the Marriage of Figaro and the Alleluia from Mozart's Exsultate Jubilate (made the top note too!). Got some very nice compliments and managed to control my nerves a great deal better.

My daughter has a theory that I only become nervous when I'm not playing a part - so comedy numbers and the band are a breeze - but when I sing classical music it's just me, which is what leads to nerves.

On a more serious note, my ex-mother-in-law is in hospital. She's 84. I've known her for such a long time and I still call her 'Mum' even though I'm no longer married to her son. And she is the daughter's Nana. Today she was brighter than she has been for a while but she is very unwell. Prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated.
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I'm just in from the garden where I have planted 'salad corner' (and a row of beetroot in the border by the greenhouse).

Tomorrow I shall mostly be planting flowers - and probably the greenhouse as well if I get time. All going well.
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The wedding dress meeting went really well. I'm rather looking forward to doing this one. Mr Hail had a bit of a go at my back and I have to say it eased off quite a bit. My hamstrings are still painful, but at least I'm no longer walking funny.

Tonight's singing lesson was a joy. I think I'm beginning to get the hang of some of this stuff now and Mozart is a privilege to sing. For my next trick there will be some Dvorak (Inflammatus et Accensus from the Stabat Mater) which is heart-wrenching. Can't wait!
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Ye Gods, I had a productive day yesterday. The garden hasn't been touched since Mr W dug it over a couple of months ago, so while he cut the lawn (a mammoth undertaking as many of you will know) I cleared and weeded and hoed (there's a word that doesn't need a spurious apostrophe!) and tidied. I've cleaned out the greenhouse, laid black cloth and inserted growbags. I've put up bean canes and done all the borders, cleaned the paths and cleared out all the planters.

Today, of course, my back is shot. However, I have ladies coming for wedding dress measuring and the house needs to be sorted before they arrive so I'm just waiting for the painkillers to kick in!

Had a most pleasant evening in the company of [livejournal.com profile] girfan and [livejournal.com profile] hirez. The Cornubia is a delightful pub and we laughed so hard on the way home that I can add shot tummy muscles to the mix this morning. How we got from 'dismantled organs' to 'the trumpet involuntary' I leave entirely to your imaginations, safe in the knowledge that your all as bad as we are. I think it was the idea of the diagrams in the postulated Haynes manual for organ dismantling that started it.

Perhaps I shall get the planting finished this afternoon.
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In common with a lot of people, I haven't updated this thing in ages. I've decided that this is because I don't have anything to rant about - but I rather suspect it's because I've lost the habit.

I think I should like to re-acquire the habit because FB is wonderful but brief and I'd like to record things better.

So where are we then?

The house is good (if a little untidy at the mo). I've just finished a mammoth embroidery order and have started making kataginu (that's a kind of Japanese jacket-thing for the uninitiated) for a friend's martial arts school. I have a wedding dress fitting for a paying customer on Sunday.

The garden is all behind. I really need to make an effort to get stuff in this weekend - weather permitting (which it hasn't so far).

I'm still practising my singing and my teacher is approaching next year's festivals as if it were some kind of military campaign. I'm currently singing 'Voi che sapete' from The Marriage of Figaro and I reckon the next bit will be a huge chunk of Dvorak. I'm still playing the bass recorder too, and singing with the St George Singers.

As far as the band is concerned, we have a couple of interesting gigs on the horizon - which is good news but I really need to get my arse in gear and do some more writing. I'm more than ready but time is an issue.

Busy, busy as always. Work seems to be very settled - which is a blessing and I'm very settled emotionally - which is also a blessing considering the state I was in 8 months ago.

We've even been back to LARP - a fun-packed weekend at Candlestone was delightful and silly and haggis turns out to be delicious.

I can see that some people are having a hard time out there and my thoughts are with all of you.
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I can has trophies. I won two classes (Light Opera and Ladies Novice) and I came 3rd in the open Opera class (which is a real achievement) So that's two trophies, 4 distinctions, a commended and a merit. Go me!
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