Feb. 13th, 2011

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This weekend has been a delight. Mr W took his brand new LARP system to the Foreign Fields kit fair and I took my lace jewellery and a couple of hats to see if I could make something towards the cost of the stall. I printed a price list and order forms and used the cake stand from our wedding as a display stand and I'm still reeling because I more than covered our costs and I had a huge amount of interest from groups who want work done.

I couldn't believe that my stuff was so popular - so many people asked if I had a website where they could buy stuff and one of the other stall holders has suggested a couple of other events I might want to sell at.

So I guess I'd better try and get a web site together and a facebook group and see where I can take it.

Of couse I'll have to find a name for the project which is proving tricky but it'll come.

As for the rest of the fair. Mr W had a huge amount of interest, the stall looked amazing and I had a couple of 'blasts from the past' one of which left me quite delighted and one which left me feeling utterly vindicated. Ghosts well and truely laid!

In addition we spent a good part of the weekend rolling about laughing which is always a bonus. We are so blessed in our friends.


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