Jan. 19th, 2010

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I went back to the gym yesterday - first time since before Christmas. What with the snow and everything I missed so much that getting back in was really hard.

In fact, I nearly packed it in twice but stuck with it. I gained a shed-load of weight over Christmas and I've not managed to be terribly good this week so I have to do something to shift the excess!

I went to recorders last night too. It was good to be back. Everyone was in a brilliant mood and the whole thing was a laugh. And I played well too. One of those odd things where I seem to have improved by leaving it alone for a while.

Tonight is choir - again for the first time since before Christmas. We're apparently doing the St Luke passion which will be rather good. It's not too difficult a sing but should still be rewarding.

My singing lessons start again on the 25th. I'm working on a chunk of melodrama called 'The Sea Wrack' as a test of dynamic control. One of those tricky pieces that looks very straightforward but isn't.

There is music and embroidery queuing up which will give me something to get my teeth into at the weekend. I have two songs lurking in my head and a wonderful picture of a leaping hare to digitize. There's a magpie too that I want a go at.

Once again to much wonderful stuff to do - too little time to do it.


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